Chiropractic Wellness Program

When you visit our office you will notice most patients are under ourĀ  Chiropractic Wellness Program. We not only provide chiropractic adjustments, we also offer tips on nutrition, proper exercise and stress relief options. We understand that the environmental conditions are always changing and your body must be able to adapt to those changes accurately.

Chiropractic & Kids

The Chiropractic care that we provide effective program that addresses children's health conditions associated with the spine and nervous system. We evaluate for primitive reflexes and other indicators of incoherence within the nervous system. We only use gentle chiropractic adjustments to help prevent a wide range of health problems. Research by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) found spinal therapy safe and successful in caring for children of all ages.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness is a program to address the health and wellness of employees at the workplace. Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of chiropractic care inside the office setting. Some of those benefits include;

  • Attracting quality staff

  • Improving employee morale

  • Increasing productivity

  • Decreasing healthcare costs

  • Strengthening corporate culture

  • Providing proven solutions & results

  • Decreasing turnover

  • Reducing absenteeism and time lost

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