Dr. Esser is able to help so many people by modifying his adjusting techniques to best suit the patient's spinal condition. Not every spine/body type is the same, and it's been his clinical experience that each patient requires a unique adjustment with a varying level of pressure. Certain chiropractic adjustments require the same amount of pressure to dimple a tomato. Other chiropractic adjustments require more force and pressure depending on the location and the body type.

If you are nervous about getting your neck adjusted into alignment, Dr. Esser has a very  light pressure technique he utilizes for these types of cases. This technique causes no twisting of the neck, popping or cracking in the spinal joints, while still very effective.


Below are two of the techniques utilized in the office.


The Torque Release Technique

"This technique is considered to be “tonal” because it relies upon real-time interaction with the nervous system to determine where, when, and how to adjust in order to best reduce abnormal torsional and tensile forces affecting the neuroskeleton as a whole. The primary structures involved in modulating the tension - or “tone”- of the nervous system are the dural attachments to the bony framework encasing the central nervous system. For this reason segments with direct dural attachments are commonly implicated although not always indicated. By removing the neurological interference the brain and spinal cord is able to communicate more effectively with the rest of the nervous system so the person is able to experience a higher state of well-being and human potential."

 Your Chiropractor may still occasionally add-on some other techniques if and when your progress indicates that they might be needed.

The methods TRT have firm foundations in science:

1)       Anatomy and an understanding of the amazing structure of the spinal column, spinal cord and central nervous system.

2)       Physiology and cutting edge knowledge of the chemical reactions and processes that occur in your nervous system and how these keep your body working (or not).

3)       Biochemistry and how the chemical reactions in the nervous system change the chemical reactions in the rest of the body; and how a chiropractic adjustment can act as a catalyst for healthier body chemistry.

4)       Neurology and how the nervous system is the master controlling system of all other body systems: How chiropractic is capable of improving communication between nerve tissue and body tissue.

5)       The revolutionary science of Psychoneuroimmunology and how the mysterious relationships between emotional state, the immune system and physical function is being unraveled (The Mind-Body connection).

6)       Clinical science through the review and refinement of the “best of the best” chiropractic techniques, culminating in this ultra-modern style of chiropractic.

7)       Evidence-based health care and how the effects of these new techniques are being measured and proven."



Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique

"Bio-Energetic Synchronization is closely linked to the concepts of cellular communication, bio-magnetic segmentation,
pulsation synchronization, and up-dating of sensory engrams. The objective is to restore balance to the systems through which the above processes are expressed. Through Bio-Energetic Synchronization, it is proposed that the body regains control over the interference which provoked the imbalance. "



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